Case Studies

Case Studies

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 #3 CO2 Pumping in Nuclear Power Stations
  Liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide) is used in processes across many industries. However, pumping it presents an array of challenges both to equipment/systems manufacturers and plant managers because CO2 must be transferred at a controlled combination of low temperature and high pressure to minimise vapour forming. For the pump manufacturer, the inherent compressibility and poor lubricating properties also places special demands on pump design. Within the nuclear power industry, CO2   is the main form of temperature cooling for advanced gas cooled nuclear reactors during the reaction process. Read more
 #2 Triplex Pumps for Misting Applications
  Odour control within the landfill and waste treatment industries is largely achieved by the installation of a misting system, whereby a very fine spray of water is released into the atmosphere either adjacent to or above the affected area. Fine water droplets prevent the release of obnoxious odours to the wider environment. It is a proven technology and there are very many types of systems available on the world market. Where an application only requires a small misting system, typically between one and 100 misting nozzles. Read more
 #1 Malting Plant Cleaning
  Greencore Malt at Bury St Edmunds is the largest malting site in the UK and just one of seven plants operated by the Company. The 175,000 tonnes per year output from the malting makes Bury one of the largest and most modern malting complexes in Europe and it has been the focus of major expansion in recent years. The malting’s principle products are for brewing, distilling and speciality beverages and the production processes involved place considerable importance on hygiene in order to ensure the integrity of the products. Read more



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