Model Identification

Model Identification

If you are unsure of your Cat Pump model number, there are two ways to identify. The easiest is to identify the Cat Pumps model number tag. There are three different style labels shown below:

If your pump does not have a model number label, you must measure either the cylinder (piston pump) or the ceramic plunger (plunger pump), which are highlighted in the illustration below. The serial number which is clearly stamped into the lower side of the crankcase above the mounting flange is not intended for pump identification. These serial numbers can assist you in determining “Effective Dates” for changes in pump construction, performance, or design which are highlighted in the Technical Bulletins.

Piston Pump Plunger Pump

Remove pump discharge manifold to access cylinders.

 Remove pump manifold to access plungers.


Measure the inner diameter, outer diameter and length of the cylinder as shown below:

Measure the length and width of the plunger as shown below:

 Identify the stroke of the crankshaft. The stroke is printed on the end of the crankshaft.

Identify the stroke of the crankshaft. The stroke is printed on the end of the crankshaft for both hollow shaft and standard models. If you have a hollow shaft pump, you will need to remove the pump from the engine/motor.

Click on the link to the piston or plunger pump reference chart below to identify your model number:

Piston Pump Reference Chart

Plunger Pump Reference Chart 


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