Wash Saver

Wash Saver

Energy Saving Systems for Washdown and Centralised Cleaning

Cat Pumps Wash-Saver is an energy-saving concept for centralised cleaning, hygiene and sanitation systems featuring one or more high pressure pumps feeding a distributed array of wash-down guns. Utilising sophisticated Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technologies, Wash-Saver only uses as little energy and water as required because the pump only runs when guns and lances are activated. The pump remains fully primed and pressurised even when in idle mode, so water is delivered at the required pressure and flow as soon as any wash-down gun is activated, making our Wash-Saver an extremely economic wash-down system.

When each additional gun is opened, the pump ramps up rapidly in response to the increased demand, and then gently slows down when no longer required. As a result, operators will not notice any drop-off in cleaning performance when co-workers activate adjacent guns. This capability not only saves energy but also reduces wear on the pump and its components.

When left in idle mode for longer periods of time, the Wash-Saver controller stops the pump completely, another energy-saving benefit, yet the system still responds instantly when any wash-down gun is activated. Finally, should there be any disruption of the water supply, built-in protection against dry-running as well as automatic detection of both minor and major pipework leaks, comes as standard.

 VFD Pump Control down system

Wash-Saver uses a feedback signal to the VFD to control the pump speed. The pump, drive motor, accessories and VFD panel come fully assembled, tested and pre-configured at our UK facility to match customers' individual requirements. We can also provide an optional pre-piped water header tank, and installation into existing centralised high-pressure pipe system is an uncomplicated procedure. The control panel can be readily incorporated into a factory automation system or linked into a local area network.

Energy Saving

Wash-Saver systems return typically 85% mechanical energy efficiency irrespective of operating speed. This compares favourably with other solutions, particularly rotary pitot-type tube pumps which typically operate at less than 40% mechanical efficiency and must run at very high speeds between 4,500 and 5,500 rpm just to achieve 60 bar. By comparison, Wash-Saver pumps typically run at between only 100 and 1,000 rpm.

Pump Availability

Our Wash-Saver concept can be applied to any of our reciprocating high pressure positive displacement triplex plunger pumps. These can easily be configured to any size of wash-down plant, using either a single pump or multiple pumps in tandem including built-in redundancy where required.

Simple to Service

Lime-scale build-up, which can throw the rotor of a pitot-type pump out of balance and lead to premature seal and bearings failure, is never a problem with our reciprocating pumps as all the rotating parts are outside the liquid chamber. Cat Pumps products are designed to be serviced on site in-situ and this capability, together with readily available spare parts in stock in the UK, contributes to further reductions in overall running costs. In fact, the capital investment in a Cat Pumps Wash-Saver package could be recouped in less than 24 months through energy cost savings, reduced repair and maintenance expense and improved up-time.

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