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Cleaning and sanitising processes are important in food safety. Damage to a brands reputation and the potential legal fallout demand strict adherence to good manufacturing practices. For proper food safety, any surface or material that comes into contact with food must be properly cleaned and sanitised as per recommended procedures. It is also critical that non-production equipment, such as overhead structures, shields, walls, ceilings, refrigeration units and HVAC systems are routinely cleaned and sanitised.

Most large food processing and production sites have a centralised hygiene or sanitation cleaning system that use one or more high-pressure pumps, feeding wash down guns and lances. High-pressure water has several advantages over chemical-based cleaning, specifically the effective removal of deposits and easier waste water disposal.

The additional advantages of a centralised wash down system, using a high-pressure triplex plunger pump, is that the pump does not suffer the problem of lime scale build up, which is common on pitot type rotary pumps. They can also be serviced in-situ thereby reducing maintenance time and costs.


Wash-Saver Pitot Pump Tube Comparison Case Studies

Cat Pumps Wash-Saver pump package has been developed for centralised hygiene and sanitation cleaning systems; using water only when it is required. The Wash-Saver is a fixed, multiple gun/lance pressure wash down system, utilising our high-pressure plunger pumps, in combination with a variable speed controlled motor arrangement.

Two pump styles commonly used in industrial high-pressure cleaning applications include triplex positive displacement pumps and pitot centrifugal pumps.  While both styles produce high flow rates and are rated at high pressures; there are a few differences in the operation and maintenance of each.




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